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Yacht Destinations in Turkey

Focus Yacht Rental is an interactive web site where you can meet with the best local tour suppliers from Turkey.

Book your Yacht Rental Excursions with confidence and enjoy your holiday in Turkey. We offer you the best possible prices avaliable for Yacht & Boat from all around Antalya Belek Alanya Side.

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Day Boat & Yacht Rental for a Day Trip

Day Boat & Yacht Rental for a Day Trip

Experience a delightful day on the crystal-clear waters with our day boat and yacht rental services, perfect for leisurely excursions and swimming activities. Our captain-guided rental models are available for 4-6 hour durations, allowing you to explore picturesque bays and indulge in refreshing swimming breaks. To ensure your tranquility and enjoyment, all your needs are included in the package, covering meals, beverages, and other essentials.

The package encompasses a variety of options, featuring a menu with choices such as köfte (grilled meatballs), fish, and chicken, accompanied by appetizers, salads, non-alcoholic beverages, fruits, and the services of an experienced captain. Fuel costs are also included. This professional rental service allows you to embark on a carefree and pleasurable journey, leaving you with no responsibilities but the joy of the moment.

Immerse yourself in a memorable experience as you sail through the breathtaking coasts of Alanya, Antalya, Belek, and Side. Indulge in a day filled with swimming, relaxation, and exploration, making the most out of your holiday. Let this expertly curated rental service elevate your vacation to the highest standards.

Alanya Yacht Rental

Discover Antalya's Beauty with Unforgettable Yacht Rentals

Embark on a journey of luxury and exploration along the breathtaking coasts of Alanya, Turkey. At  Antalya Belek Alanya Yachts, we redefine your vacation experience by offering an unparalleled selection of yachts for rent, making us the foremost choice for those seeking an extraordinary escape.

Local Expertise, Global Luxury: As your local yacht rental partner, we bring you an extensive fleet of 50  meticulously curated yachts, providing an unmatched variety to suit your preferences. Our team, deeply rooted in the region's nuances, ensures a seamless experience from the moment you choose your yacht until you bid farewell to the sparkling Turkish waters.

Seamless Yacht Rental Process:

1. Choose the Perfect Yacht:

  • Delve into our website, where a diverse array of yachts awaits. Select the one that aligns with your budget, group size, and envisioned activities. Need assistance? Our  Antalya Belek Side Alanya-based experts are ready to guide you.

2. Effortless Booking:

  • Once you've made your choice, let us handle the booking details. Your selected yacht will be prepped and waiting for your arrival. A+ confirmation ticket will swiftly reach your inbox, ensuring anticipation for the enchanting journey ahead.

3. Secure Your Adventure with a Deposit:

  • To guarantee your Antalya Belek Alanya yacht tour, a modest deposit (typically 35% of the total rental cost) is required. Payable at our office or through a dedicated representative, the deposit ensures a seamless experience, with settlement due at least three days before your chosen voyage.

Why the Deposit Matters:

  • Ensuring a Reserved Escape:
    • In scenarios where clients unexpectedly miss their scheduled day or cancel within three days, the deposit serves as a commitment to compensate yacht owners for the reserved time.

Deposit Refund Assurance:

  • Cancellation Peace of Mind:
    • Cancel three days before your scheduled rental, and we refund your entire deposit promptly.
    • We go the extra mile – if we secure another client for your canceled day, even at the last minute, your deposit returns to you, ensuring you never feel left adrift. Commitment:

Choose us for an unparalleled experience:

  • Transparent Pricing: Our openly displayed yacht rental prices set us apart, ensuring fairness and transparency.
  • Global Standards, Local Essence: We marry international luxury with a deep understanding of the local charm, promising a truly exceptional journey.

Your Alanya yacht rental experience begins here. Choose Focus Antalya Alanya Yacht – where every wave tells a story of unparalleled luxury and adventure.

Belek Yacht Rental

Explore the Beauty of Belek with Unmatched Yacht Rentals

Nestled as one of Turkey’s premier holiday destinations, Belek beckons with its allure, and our Belek Yacht Rental service opens the door to discovering the region’s unparalleled beauty from the serene waters. At Yacht Rental Belek Antalya we pride ourselves on offering the most extensive collection of yachts available for rent in Belek. As experts in the field, our commitment revolves around providing seamless and exceptional yacht rental experiences.

 Your Trusted Partner for Yacht Rental in Belek Antalya Side Kemer

As a local tourism company, our dedication spans the entire yacht rental process. Our team comprises seasoned experts in the field, offering continuous support before, during, and after the rental. Quick and effective solutions are our hallmark, ensuring that every hiccup is swiftly addressed. From preparation to transportation, we manage every detail meticulously, leaving no room for delays.

The Ease of Yacht Rental in Belek:

Should any issues arise, your direct line of contact is with us. Our standout feature in the Belek yacht rental sector lies in our ability to consistently provide quality service.

Our Offerings:

  • Variety: Boasting more than  55 yachts available for rent in Belek, our diverse collection caters to every taste and requirement.

  • Local Expertise: Rooted in the region, our deep knowledge enhances your yacht rental experience, ensuring authenticity and insider insights.

  • Continuous Support: At every stage of the yacht rental process, our support remains unwavering, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

Professional Belek Yacht Rental with Yacht Rental Belek

When seeking professional yacht rental services in Belek, your journey starts with We proudly display transparent yacht rental prices on our website, setting us apart in Belek’s yacht rental landscape.

Fair Prices, Quality Service:

In contrast to other rental companies, we steadfastly believe in fair and transparent pricing, aiming to establish lasting relationships with our clients.

No Surprises at

Before embarking on your yacht adventure, thorough information is essential. On our website, you’ll find comprehensive details about yacht features, onboard amenities, service quality, menus, and available water sports. We eliminate the possibility of surprises, ensuring transparency and confidence when you choose

Why Choose Yacht Rental Belek for Yacht Rental in Belek: Antalya

  • Transparency: We lead the way by openly displaying yacht rental prices, providing clarity and transparency.

  • Fair Prices: Our commitment remains unwavering, with prices consistent regardless of the nationality or location of our customers.

  • Quality Service: Striving for excellence, we aim to provide the best and most accurate service, setting a benchmark in Belek yacht rental.

  • Complete Information: We offer comprehensive details about rental conditions, onboard amenities, menus, and water sports, ensuring you are well-informed.

How Yacht Rental Works in Belek:

Renting a yacht in Belek unveils the splendors of the sea and coastal landscapes. Our streamlined rental process simplifies the experience for first-timers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. Let’s delve into the process:

1. Choose Your Ideal Yacht:

  • Select the yacht that aligns with your budget, group size, and planned activities from our wide range. Our Belek-based team is ready to assist.

2. Reserve Your Yacht:

  • After making your choice, we handle the reservation, ensuring your selected yacht is prepared and awaiting your arrival. A confirmation ticket is sent to your email, and we can arrange transportation if needed.

3. Pay the Deposit:

  • The final step before your Belek yacht tour is paying the deposit, usually around 20% of the total rental cost. Payment can be made at our office or arranged through a representative, with the deposit settled at least three days before the rental date.

Why We Require a Deposit for Belek Yacht Rental:

The deposit ensures a secured and reserved escape, compensating yacht owners in case of no-shows or last-minute cancellations. We prioritize transparency and offer a refund if you cancel three days before the rental date.

Choose for a safe and unforgettable yacht rental experience in Belek. Your journey towards luxury and adventure begins here.

Celebrate Your Birthday

Celebrate Your Birthday in Style: A Yacht Birthday Party to Remember

Are you looking to do something different for your birthday, but have no idea where to start? Traditional birthday parties can feel mundane and may not make your special day truly unforgettable.

Opting for a yacht birthday celebration offers a unique and memorable experience, steering clear of the ordinary. Commemorate your most special day surrounded by your loved ones, set against the backdrop of unparalleled views. Let’s explore the reasons why a yacht birthday organization can turn your celebration into an extraordinary experience.

Escape the Ordinary:

A yacht birthday party breaks free from the monotony of conventional celebrations. Say goodbye to the usual routine and embrace a day filled with excitement, luxury, and breathtaking scenery.

Unforgettable Experience:

Transform your birthday into an unforgettable adventure. The combination of the open sea, gentle breeze, and panoramic views creates a setting that elevates your celebration to new heights. Your special day deserves nothing less than extraordinary memories.

Surrounded by Loved Ones:

Gather your friends and family on board to share this unique experience. A yacht provides an intimate setting where you can enjoy quality time with your closest companions, away from the hustle and bustle of traditional venues.

Scenic Views:

Picture yourself sailing along the coastline, enjoying the beauty of the sea and the horizon. A yacht birthday party grants you access to ever-changing, stunning vistas that serve as the perfect backdrop for your celebration.

Seamless Celebration:

Leave the planning and coordination to professionals. With a yacht birthday organization, you can focus on enjoying your day, while experts handle the logistics, ensuring a seamless and stress-free celebration.

Create Lasting Memories:

Capture moments that will last a lifetime. The uniqueness of celebrating on a yacht adds a special touch to your memories. From the gentle rocking of the boat to the sound of waves, every detail contributes to an unforgettable experience.

How to Plan Your Yacht Birthday Party:

  1. Choose the Right Yacht:

    • Select a yacht that suits your preferences and accommodates your guest list. Consider factors such as size, amenities, and overall ambiance.
  2. Set the Date and Time:

    • Pick a date and time that works for you and your guests. Consider sunset cruises for a magical atmosphere.
  3. Coordinate with Professionals:

    • Work with experienced yacht charter professionals who specialize in birthday celebrations. They can assist with planning, catering, and any special requests.
  4. Customize the Experience:

    • Personalize your celebration with themed decorations, music, and catering options. Make the yacht truly reflect your style and preferences.
  5. Enjoy Your Celebration:

    • On the big day, relax and relish in the celebration. Let the yacht crew take care of the details while you focus on creating cherished memories with your loved ones.

In Conclusion:

A yacht birthday party promises a celebration beyond the ordinary, turning your special day into an extraordinary maritime adventure. Embrace the luxury, the sea breeze, and the unparalleled views for a birthday experience that will be etched in your memory forever. Choose a yacht celebration and make your birthday truly exceptional.

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